Work Experience Agreement Form Bc

To be declared as a ministry-approved 12A or 12B course, work experience must be supported and supervised by the school and consists of authentic work experiences. Management and independent school authorities must develop guidelines that take into account student behaviour, monitoring, assessment and participation in all school placements. School staff must supervise each student during an internship at the school, as defined in the board of directors or authority guidelines. Student supervision may consist of workplace visits or phone calls and emails with the student`s work manager. Option courses are supervised by schools and are generally delivered as part of a career program. They go beyond the career-life exploration component required by Career-Life Connections (CLC). Those who participate in subjects 12A/B of work experience must follow the necessary steps to ensure safety in the workplace and the corresponding insurance coverage for students. All students who participate in career experience choice courses must have a school orientation in order to prepare them for their specific internship. School guidance should include safe workplace instruction. Except in special circumstances, internships should not take place at a student`s home school.

For example, a student who is interested in the study of teaching as a profession should be placed by a teacher in another school and not at the student`s home school. Among the types of activities that can be work-related, students who receive paid, supported and school-supervised employment to obtain credits for electoral internships must prove that they are working on a site where WorkSafeBC coverage is available. For more information on the requirements and procedures for the ministry`s 12A/12B work experience, see the Work Experience Courses (PDF) program guide and the Workplace Compensation Coverage (PDF) Regulation. WorkSafeBC coverage is provided by students in the province for work experience as a “crown worker” if the following conditions are met: All internships at the school must be accompanied by a signed and dated form for work experience contracts. A standard form for work experience agreements can be accessed in the ministry-authored Work Experience Courses (PDF) program guide. The main goal of work experience is to help students prepare to move from high school to work. Work experience allows students to observe and practice general employment skills and technical and applied skills in certain occupations or sectors.