When To Use Postnuptial Agreement

When a couple makes a post-uptial agreement, it does not automatically mean that they are considering submitting the divorce. Here are some common reasons for a post-20th anniversary agreement: “Because of marriage, you`ve already made a deal,” says Meghan Freed, a family lawyer who practices at Freed Marcroft in Hartford, Connecticut. Many people do not realize this, so there is an understandable desire to do so, to express their common understanding of what death or the end of marriage would mean. With marriage comes a kind of default arrangement – a series of responsibilities and rights already enshrined in state law, such as the right to obtain a fair distribution of marital property in divorce, or to obtain marital support. Post-nups are a way to modify the presets of marriage to meet the individual needs and situations of a couple. This form of personalization is perhaps attractive for today`s millennia, which reach the age of marriage after growing up in a world where they have been able to adapt everything from their college major to the selection of the media they consume, to the lunch they order. If you and your spouse are considering a post-marriage or marriage agreement, contact experienced lawyers at Sherer law firms for legal advice. A post-marriage agreement is basically the same as a marriage agreement, except that you and your spouse enter it after you and your spouse have already married instead of getting married. In a post-uptial agreement, you and your spouse reveal from each other all the money and property you currently own, both separate property and marital property. Then you set out the rights and obligations that each of you will have during the marriage, including how you will share your money and property in the event of divorce or death of any of you. “Transmutation is not a binary thing,” says Kretchmar. “The question is whether a spouse has developed a right to the asset. A year in which a year is paid for mortgages, well, that doesn`t mean that a spouse owns the house directly.