Baby Boomer Vets: Rules are in their favor

Veteran over 50 may have it a bit easier with Social Security

When a Veteran turns 50, their age becomes an important factor in Social Security Disability determinations. The disability standard shifts and chances of approval increase. This is primarily because of Social Security’s “GRID” rules.

What are GRID Rules? 

Social Security recognizes that as you get older, you will have a more difficult time finding a job.  Specifically Social Security recognizes that employers are less likely to offer an entry level job to a man or woman aged 50 or older.  The less education you have or the fewer job skills you have, the harder it will be to find employment.

These vocational realities are codified in the grid rules.  The practical effect of the grid rules is to authorize a judge or adjudicator to find you disabled even if you can still do some level or work. Most Veterans have performed physical work during their service or work history.  The GRID rules only apply when you have physical limitations.

What do Vets Qualify for with SSDI?

  • Up to $2,600/month in benefits for themselvesy
  • Monthly benefits for any children under 18 years of age
  • The option to utilize Medicare
  • Cost of Living Increases
  • Retroactive benefits

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If  under 50, Social Security considers a Veteran a “younger individual.” Vets must prove their inability to perform ALL competitive employment to obtain benefits. This is often misunderstood by potential claimants who contact our office.

Whether already collecting Veterans Disability benefits or not, Veterans can still be eligible to collect Social Security Disability benefits with no offset.  Vets must have served or worked 5 out of the in order to be “insured” to file an application for benefits.


Veterans may qualify for expedited processing if they meet Social Security’s “Wounded Warrior” program criteria.

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