Veterans: Qualify for up to $2600/month in SSDI Benefits

 70% of first time applicants are denied Social Security Disability benefits.  The denial rate has increased drastically and those who are truly disabled are being denied at alarming rates.  We know Vets are frustrated but here are 5 things that every Veteran should know when applying for SSDI.military-870x400

70% are denied on the Initial Application Stage – Once an application is filed, a decision is rendered with 4-6 months. When you file on your own, it is very difficult to get status of your claim. Social Security will ship you a load of paperwork and deadlines and then many times, go silent. What results for most is a denial.

Over 85% are denied on the Reconsideration stage – once you are denied on the initial application, Social Security offers you the option of appealing that decision within 60 days. In most states, you move to the reconsideration stage. Unfortunately, over 85% of unrepresented applicants are denied at this stage as well.

50% are AWARDED at the Hearing stage with an Attorney – at this point, the majority of applicants  will have dropped their applications because of the frustration with getting denied. What most Vets don’t realize is by not pursuing one more appeal, they are missing out on their best chance of securing benefits for themselves and their families. 

Special Rules for those over 50 – Social Security has rules/guidelines called “GRIDS”.  GRIDS only apply to individuals who are over 50. Understanding how the GRIDS work can be difficult to understand, and so it is recommended that you speak with an Attorney regarding whether or not you may meet the GRID rules.

Wounded Warrior Program – Military service members can receive expedited processing of disability claims from Social Security. Benefits available through Social Security are different than those from the Department of Veterans Affairs and require a separate application. Few Veterans know that they can qualify for BOTH VA Benefits and SSDI. 

If you have never applied for Benefits or have been denied previously, don’t risk being denied. Complete Our Questionnaire to see if you may qualify for benefits and no out of pocket cost assistance. 


Who we Are: We assist America’s Veterans with getting the benefits they’ve earned and deserve.  We provide free evaluations to all Veterans with respect to Social Security Disability benefits. There is absolutely no out of pocket cost if you choose us to represent you in your claim for Disability benefits. Questions? Reach us at 866-350-7229.