Ad Agency Retainer Agreement Template

Not yet sure what a marketing retainer means? Look at this example True Co. Suggestion to retainer marketing! A typical advertising agency agreement stipulates that the client retains the services of the advertising agency. It outlines its creative work requirements, the products and services to be provided, as well as the support of advertising. This section may also include the client`s advertising objectives and other additional services such as public relations and market research. Whether you`re using a professional service for the administrative parts of your freelance business or creating your own model, there are 9 important points you should know through your PDF agency contract file. That`s why True Co. created this ultimate guide for marketing agencies. We answer all your questions about marketing retainers so you can be sure you can decide if a retainer is the marketing solution you were looking for. Please indicate your agency`s terms and conditions of engagement. Keep in mind that your agency cannot charge a fee for late payments and interest if you haven`t added the necessary clauses. Each agency must have devised its own conditions for a successful consulting career.

Depending on the task, a marketing agency contract or a model agreement for marketing agencies can be a simple one-sided document or a length of 50 pages. However, marketing contracts will have a number of common elements that cannot be excluded, regardless of the size of the document. After an initial meeting to discuss marketing needs and future objectives, the Agency prepares a proposal for the client, which it can verify. The proposal would include a general marketing strategy, along with a breakdown of the monthly services needed to implement this strategy and reporting methods used to inform the client of the status of the strategy. In addition, the proposed storage fees and other terms of use would be mentioned. If the customer is satisfied with the proposal, he signs it and makes it and the preservation comes into effect. Each month, the Agency will provide the agreed services and bring the client`s activities closer to its marketing objectives. The Agency also provides the client with regular updates, supported by in-depth analysis of the client`s KPIs.